Welcome. Dont forget to introduce yourself on the forum. Thank you ;-)

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    Infos and contacts

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    Infos and contacts

    Post by Myrdhin on Thu Oct 29, 2009 9:09 pm

    Hello greeting

    And welcome if you are a new member Smile

    About the guild
    -The first thing to do if you've just been invited is to read our rules
    -Ranks system : here
    -Gbank : here
    -Events : here

    Our forum
    Don't forget to introduce yourself in the Greetings and Goodbyes forum.
    Remember that you are able to change your forum name in your UCP. To choose the same name of your main char in the guild could be a good thing Wink

    Try to encourage other members to look at the site and to register on the forum


    Guild masters (in game):
    Isathis, Gadessa, Okuninushi, Mannypaly, Trojan, Myrdhin


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