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    Guild Raids :)


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    Guild Raids :)

    Post by dhalsim on Sun Nov 29, 2009 3:08 pm

    OK guys, we have alot of geared players in our guild, and alot of not so well geared players, but we have enough level 80s to run naxx 10 mans to gear up some bad geared players and then hopefully do graid 25 man naxx Smile Please start trying graids, we have almost 500 members, half of which are pretty much level 80, so I cant see why we cant do graids more Smile So lets get into graids more!!!! if you dont ill roll a horde nib and camp ur corpses Razz
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    *Grand Master*

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    Re: Guild Raids :)

    Post by Myrdhin on Mon Nov 30, 2009 1:07 pm

    Hello Dhalsim ! (one more time, nice name Very Happy)

    We already have a lot of Graids. Our official Graid leaders are Mannypaly, and Trojan. They are awesome leaders, and very nice guys furthermore.

    Of course they also have a life, and sometimes they play for themselves (at least I hope so Laughing). But they are giving a lot of time to help members to gear up Wink

    If they aren't online, do not hesitate to lead some Graid if you are able to ^^
    Every member is free to lead Graid.

    We could also organize 1 or 2 weekly Graid, that could be announced in Events forum (specific hour and day) Question
    But be sure they are already doing many more Graid than that ^^

    All suggestions are welcome.
    See you.


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